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Achondroplasia resource library

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Complication Timeline Resource

A comprehensive review of common complications by age group, including suggestions for proactive monitoring, management, and referral recommendations.


Achondroplasia coordinated care team worksheet

Coordinated Care Team Worksheet

A resource designed to help you start a conversation with patients and their caregivers about establishing a multidisciplinary care team of specialists.


Dr Rav Savarirayan

Achondroplasia International Consensus Statement Tool

A tool to navigate the International Consensus Statement on the Diagnosis, Multidisciplinary Management and Lifelong Care of Individuals with Achondroplasia.

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What is achondroplasia?

Experts in achondroplasia discuss the mechanism of disease and its long-term considerations

Complications through life stages

Hear specialists describe the complications of achondroplasia over time and their management through the multidisciplinary team model

mother sat reading with child with Achodroplasia

Managing Achondroplasia

Primary care providers can help to coordinate a multidisciplinary approach to care

Achondroplasia complications

Common complications can be expected across an individual’s lifetime

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Children with achondroplasia only require medical care for physical challenges.